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Clive Dunn is an award-winning photographer based in Norwich, specialising in creatively processed digital imagery for publishing, multi-media applications or as stand-alone fine art.

Clive began his working life as a Cartographic Draughtsman for the Ordnance Survey, which gave him the foundation for an enduring passion for topography and landscape.  He then trained as a photographer before moving into television production, spending many years as a documentary film-maker. (see Films gallery)

Clive's photography explores remote and under-visited areas of our countryside; forgotten, rarely trodden landscapes off-the-beaten track and beyond the obvious.  He seeks out ruined dwellings and half-buried remains decayed with the passage of history while still retaining a magical atmosphere and an air of secrecy or mystery. His work also encompasses many techniques and abstract textures, shapes and light dances.  By adding distressed overlays and scratches, Clive attempts to achieve painterly digital impressions that awaken remnants of memory such as old photo albums or other fleeting glimpses of past experiences.


2018 'Inheritance', Norwich Castle Open Art Show

2015 'Distant Camera', one-man show Norwich Theatre Royal

2014 'The Edge of England' one-man show Wymondham Arts Centre, Norfolk

2014 'The Wonder of Birds', Norwich Castle Open Art Show

2014 'The Edge of England' one-man show, Mandell's Gallery, Norwich

2013 Fisher Theatre, Bungay, Suffolk

2013 'Distant Camera', one-man show, Mandell's Gallery, Norwich

Please use the contact gallery if you would like to discuss how Clive might enhance your project.

Clive's images are available to buy or licence.

Many of his photographs are available to buy framed or mounted-only.

(see Shop gallery)

BOOKS (see Shop gallery)

2019 Landscape of Towers - The explorer's guide to the lost churches and religious ruins of Norfolk (Lasse Press ISBN 978 1 9933 0699 0)

shortlisted for The East Anglian Book Awards - general non-fiction 2019

2013 Distant Camera (Seventh House Media ISBN 978 0 9575 9650 4)

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